Create a company overview

After you’ve identified your main competitors, it’s time to gather background information on them. It’s best to analyze three to five companies per competitive set. Make sure your company overview includes the following: Basic information such as company size, location, employee count, and year established. Information like this is easily obtainable from national business registers, official government sites, and even social networks like LinkedIn.

Add financial and business information

Including stock value, owners, investors, acquisitions, and mergers. You can view a company’s financial Telemarketing Data statements or find information on business review sites like Dun & Bradstreet, Hover, etc. For startups and tech companies, check sites such as Indiegogo and Kickstarter. Next, define their market position and share, level of brand awareness, range of products, and delivery methods, such as whether they have a mobile app and product categories. You can monitor market position, market share, and brand awareness by creating a Custom Industry in the Similar web Market Intelligence addon. Set it up by adding your site and your competitors..

This will show you how your site is performing within a market defined by you

For instance, if we look at the market for Food Insight and its competitors, we see that Food Insight owns 8.45% of the market while Diet Doctor is the market Asia data leader with 53.46%. Custom Industry in the Similar web Market Intelligence addon Looking at the Market Quadrant Analysis in the Players report, we see that Diet Doctor is clearly the market leader in terms of brand strength, but with a high level of branded search traffic, Gaps Diet is showing up as a challenger brand.


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