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That at that Additionally, you can know your reader’s behavior and rirect your contacts to a campaign with actions that provide better interaction. Email reactivity rate: it allows you to know what percentage of Internet users were interest in the email after reading it. It is a vital statistic that leads to evaluating the quality of the email content. It is calculat by dividing the click percentage between the open percentages.

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That at that Here is an example, you sent emails of which were read and were click. You therefore Phone Number Data have an opening rate of % and a % click-through rate. The reactivity rate is %: this tells you that three quarters of recipients respond to your message. A high responsiveness rate indicates that your campaign is working and has caught the attention of your subscribers. Subscription cancellation rate: With this statistic you can evaluate the reliability and loyalty of your subscribers.

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This percentage represents the number of users who have decid. To no longer continue receiving their messages. The smaller this statistic, the more reliable your contacts are. While if it shows a high percentage, it may indicate a poor direction of the campaign. This rate allows you to evaluate the right balance. Between Asia Data frequencies and content and thus helps improve communication with your readers. TO CARRY OUT A MORE PRECISE ANALYSIS OF YOUR DATA. YOU CAN TAKE INTO ACCOUNT OTHER STATISTICSOpen geolocation.


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